Chicken Shish Kebabs

July 8, 2020

Okay, really, is it spelled “kebab” or “kabob?” What is politically correct here? Is this the same as you saying “po-tay-to” and I say “po-tah-do.” Oh, this is getting just plain silly now. What is not silly are chicken shish kebabs and such an easy recipe to make this time […]


Wasted Watermelon Cocktails

July 7, 2020

THIS DRINK is the perfect SUMMER cocktail. Yes, I have decided that. I know, this would have been perfect for me to have have posted pre-4th of July BUT I had to beta test, and work out the kinks, before I shared, right? Plus, who says you cannot have watermelon […]


Tuna Melt Throwback

October 26, 2018

Would you be a little concerned about me if I said there was a canned tuna on the grocery store shelves that, literally, has changed my life? Well, I guess you SHOULD be concerned because, SERIOUSLY, there is a canned tuna that has been a game changer for both my taste […]


Hi, I’m Janine...

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Hi I am Janine…a Lifestyle Influencer who is a tad bit obsessed with food, fashion, beauty, travel, and, of course, happy hour! Oh, and I may be a health & wellness guru too!